March 27, 2010

the camel cake

meet ted. ted asked me to make a cake for his english teacher wife who loves books and camels. he asked that they be riding the camel, with their black dog running along beside them, and camel's hump and a sun in the background, with a poem on the other side of the book. I think I like ted.
the detail is all made out of marzipan. yummy! goes well with the chocolate raspberry almond buttercream cake! can you tell this is a book? alexa is turning to year/page 30!

like a book, the authors' names are on the top of the page...

and the title is on top of the opposite page...

ted's poem (or is it dr. seuss'?). written with edible food-coloring marker.

their dog's name is tuesday and he's got a blue collar!

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crankycheryl said...

That dog is a character worthy of its own children's book. Love it!