September 27, 2009

happy wedding day to bryan & valerie

let them eat cake's first wedding!

9"round bottom: 3-layer chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream frosting. 6" round top: 3-layer white cake filled with vanilla buttercream frosting. pale yellow buttercream frosting.

40 sunflower cupcakes:

groom's cake: (a friend baked her famous maple cake with maple frosting as a gift. they asked me to decorate it with them on a bike and drums as the wheels).

the figures are made of homemade marshmallow almond fondant.

details in fine print:
"just married" license plate
street signs: "hawaii," "happiness 1m," and "ever after"
carved into tree: "BR loves VE"

the bride's review:

Hey Suzanne,
Thanks for the GREAT cakes - they were a big hit! Next time I'd suggest people to get more cupcakes, they went in like 3 seconds flat! I think it's b/c we were there, cut the cake, then everyone was kind of standing around and they were available while the cake was being cut. Bryan and I actually cut two pieces at the cake cutting b/c the cake was so good!

Thanks again,

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