December 12, 2009

rockin' around the clock

Debbie was born in 1959 and her daughter threw her a surprise sock hop. the black is marzipan, hot pink is fondant. the records had different 50s words and musicians on them: elvis, chuck berry, fats domino, doo wop, blueberry hill, rock-n-roll, haley and the comets...

the surprise on the inside (that i unfortunately don't have pictures of) is a chocolate and white checkerboard!

a big thanks to Maryann the CookieArtistan. when i was looking for ideas i came across her gorgeous sugar cookies and asked her where she got her cookie cutters. she answered immediately and i was able to order cookie cutters from this great site: The Cookie Cutter Shop. i just wish my designs could have come out as perfect and detailed as Maryann's.

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